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Sony Bravia XBR X900F 4K screen flickering on 60FPS using Ultra Roku

I purchased a Sony Bravia 65" XBR X900F TV and use it with a Roku Ultra so I can view Spectrum streaming programs.  Otherwise, I would just use the built-in apps for Netlflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc. 

I am using port 2 on the TV and have the HDMI set to enhanced for 60FPS viewing. 

But, when I try to watch programs on the Roku Ultra using the 60FPS settings, I get screen flickering.  I contacted my Best Buy salesman and he said there is a compatibility issue with Sony TV's and Roku and I would have to watch programs in 30FPS to avoid the flickering.  (Wish he told me that when I bought the TV) 

I have to constantly reset my settings on the Ultra to 4K 30FPS HDR to avoid the screen flickering.  The Roku always defaults to 60FPS. 

Is this the case, or am I missing some setting or something that can be adjusted to avoid this?  The HDMI cables are high quality and seem to work fine so I do not think that is the issue.

Any advice is welcome. 



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Re: Sony Bravia XBR X900F 4K screen flickering on 60FPS using Ultra Roku

So I just got ultra and have the exact same tv as you. I found another post that kind of resolves it. Under display setting, it should have auto detected 4K at 60hz. If you click right twice from the menu it will bring you to setting. Change it to 4K at 30hz. Kind of sucks, but it works.

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