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Sonos Playbar, Samsung ES7100. TiVo and Roku Ultra Question

Evening - just looking to confirm that there is no way for me to adjust the sound when using a Roku Ultra with my Samsung, that is connected to the Sonos Playbar. My set top box is a TiVo Bolt with a Comcast card in it. The Samsung TV connects to Comcast and the Sonos via HDMI. I connect the Roku to an ARC HDMI port for the TV (ARC does not matter it seems), but am unable to control the sound via the Roku remote - the sound stays at a constant level. 

Worse, I am unable to adjust the soundbar with any remote when the INPUT is set to the Roku HDMI port. Neither the TV remote nor the Sonos app will adjust the sound levels when using the Roku Ultra.

Basically, I am set at one level of sound, when using the Ultra.

Are there any options, of an alternate solution, it not I will be looking to return the Ultra after using 4 Roku's. This is very disappointing if we cannot get the sound levels to adjust when the Roku is used.

Thank you!

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