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Some Netflix shows have choppy playback on Ultra

I have a Roku Ultra that is just over a year old. Generally, everything is fine. When I test my internet connection, I get between 50 and 55 down.

Some shows on Netflix are very choppy. Not all, just some. Are there any settings to control playback? Might it be trying to push 4K to my non-4K tv?


I tried "Lupin" last night and it was bad. Then I tried another show and it was fine. I tried changing the Audio settings on the Roku and screen resolution multiple times. I checked for an update (none) and restarted. That show stuttered when I tried to play. It is a very consistent stutter like it was trying to play a different bit rate. I've noticed it on other shows in the past, but I don't remember off the top of my head. 

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