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Software downgrade needed for Roku Express

When is a firmware downgrade going to be released? Its awesome paying for streaming services that you can't use because no fix for the 10.5 upgrade. I have a Roku Express which is worthless at this point.

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Re: Software downgrade needed for Roku Express

Imagine you've had a TV from them that flashed black squares for the first five months on the screen before they fixed it and now most streaming services and even just the basic television tuner is broken... Roku broke who knows how many of their products with a bad firmware update weeks/months ago (depending on model) and so far are not rolling back affected broken sets. Signal strength is botched causing ota TV hard to watch, the in set program guide no longer populates any data, Disney+ and paramount+ (paid services) are broken for many of us. Rolling back firmware fixed these issues for all of us but the units update themselves back to broken firmware. 15 pages and counting of complaints for over a month and no answers from anyone, mods hands are clearly tied, nobody has the power or the will to address the massive problem. If you want to literally have months of broken products out of every year, this is the company for you!