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Small window

Bought my mother the roku premiere+
It seems that when she turns off the tv and then comes back, the screen has shrunk to a window the quarter of the size of the tv.
She has to go back to the home and then the channel again to get back to normal. It's more of a nuisance than anything, any suggestions?
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Level 10

Re: Small window

Got a few questions...

How long has this been happening? Did she just recently get the Premiere+? 

What app is she using when this behavior occurs? From your description, it appears as if she's in a channel (app) when she's turning the TV off. So, what channel/app is she using? Don't say "it happens in all of them." Give us 1-3 specific examples. If we can replicate it, perhaps we can figure out what's going on.

One other thing, not about your issue, but something that may come up down the line. If she's watching content, and simply turns off the TV, the Roku is still streaming. If her ISP has data caps, this might be a problem come bill time. Think about it like playing a VCR or DVD. Turning off the TV doesn't stop the tape or disc from playing; you just don't see it on the screen. Separate devices, remember?
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