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Slow playback/buffering. 200MBPS internet speed. Both Roku devices affected.

About a week ago, both of my Roku Express devices began exhibiting severe playback issues. My internet is not the problem, as I'm showing over 200 MB/s download at the moment, and all other phones/computers are working normally. The Roku devices have been working fine for over a year before this occurred. I've restarted and even done a hard reset. Any solutions to this issue?

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Level 7

Re: Slow playback/buffering. 200MBPS internet speed. Both Roku devices affected.

I've had a very similar issue with my Roku Express+ (3910 series) . Sometimes, often during the day and sometimes at night, the playback and sync slow down to a snail's pace, to the point that the Roku is unusable. As with @cjaggie123, this is not an Internet issue, as all my other devices (including my AppleTV) continue to work fine, and I have very fast Verizon FIOS Internet

Usually, after a couple of hours, the Roku returns to normal. But I have not been able to predict when this problem will happen, or what to do about it.

@cjaggie123: did anyone ever answer your question or help you resolve the issue? Now that there's no customer service call center, how do we get help with issues like this?

P.S. This started happening this summer as well, some time in late June. I live in Brooklyn, NY.

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