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Slow loading with a Roku 2 - time to upgrade?

I just installed a Roku 2 that had been just sitting in a box for a few years. (I don't know exactly how long but long enough that the batteries that cane with it were corroded and unusable.) In any case, my wife was thrilled to get this set up so she can watch shows on Discovery plus.  The problem is that everything is loading so slowly that it is really hard to get too excited about using it. The device is connected to a WiFi that ha good speed to our computers (typically around 200 MPS) so it's hard to believe that the wireless speed is an issue.  My question is about whether I could except noticeably faster loading with one of the newer devices.  Can anybody provide any insight on whether I can expect faster loading if I upgrade the device? Does the TV it's connected to make any difference in loading speed? Currently, I have it connected to a Sony Bravia that is probably 7-8 years old. Would upgrading the TV to smart TV that had ROKU built in be a better apporach? 

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Re: Slow loading with a Roku 2 - time to upgrade?

There were several devices known as "Roku 2", but if you're able to get Discovery+ on it then it isn't so ancient as to be obsolete.  Loading time is almost entirely based on network speed, so I would suspect a Wi-Fi issue.  If you go into Settings->Network and "Check connection" it should give you your Internet download speed.  Rokus notoriously have Wi-Fi issues for some people, so if yours seems low (and by low I mean 1 or 2 Mbps; you won't see 300Mbps from any Roku), try different Wi-Fi channels.  It's hard to recommend a RokuTV even though I have a small one that's been pretty much trouble free.  If you're otherwise happy with your TV then getting a new stand-alone Roku is a better approach in my opinion.  If you want to eliminate Wi-Fi issues altogether and you have Ethernet available at your TV's location, get one that has an Ethernet port (Ultra, Ultra LT).  Note that all Roku 2s only supported 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.  A lot of the newer devices support 5GHz if you have that available.  Compare models here: . If it states "dual-band wireless" beside "Wireless + connectivity" then it supports 2.4 and 5GHz.  You have to pay more for 5GHz capability, so the lowest priced models don't have it.

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