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Selecting a netflix channel loses HDMI signal

I have had my Roku Ultra setup the same. Nothing changed for two years.

I know there was some updates, because some UI stuff has changed.  Netflix channel has changed their layout, ROKU has some quick access stuff added, ETC.  Ever since the update, things have been acting strange.  Anytime I try and select a CHANNEL (mostly NETFLIX, but sometimes HULU or YOUTUBE), the TV display a blank screen and eventually (because the TV has a built in detection) displays a message that I need to switch INPUT because there is no signal to the INPUT.  I have to power it down and turn it back on and repeat the process.  I would say half the time it would work and the channel finally displays the channel I selected.  The other halfl, I have to do ANOTHER power down and POWER back on and selecting the channel I want.

So I know there is a process to track down what is ultimately causing the issue but I want to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue. If I know that others are having this issue then I know it's just some weird bug and something needs updating. Otherwise I am just going to waste precious time trying to debug something when it's probably something out of my control till I get an update to fix it.

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Re: Selecting a netflix channel loses HDMI signal

Hi, no solution to offer, except to say that I am having the exact same problem. I keep hoping for an update to get pushed out, but nothing yet.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Selecting a netflix channel loses HDMI signal

Hi there, 

Thanks for the notes. Could you please provide more details about your Roku TV model (Settings>System>About), and the steps you take when the issue occurs? Are you on the Roku home screen, and try to select a streaming channel tile to launch the channel? OR, are you viewing an HDMI input source when you see this error message?

If anyone could record a brief video clip of the behavior occurring, and provide us a link to review, that would also be most helpful!




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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Re: Selecting a netflix channel loses HDMI signal

When I get home I will get the details of my Roku Ultra.

This happens when I press HOME -- select a streaming channel to launch a channel.  The screen fades to black and then nothing...after about 15 seconds, a message appears from the TV (not Roku) that there is no signal from the HDMI and that I need to switch inputs.  Hitting the "HOME" button does nothing. I have to turn it off with my ROKU Ultra Remote and turn it back on to basically "reset" everything.  Then sometimes the second time selecting the channel I want to launch just works.  Sometimes it does the same thing. Then I have to restart and do it again.  It's like statistics, 50-50 each time. I sure by the fourth time my chances of the channel to launch will work.  

Sometimes it does the same thing when I select a channel to launch from the remote (that quick access to channel button).

As for a video, that's difficult. It's not consistent but I will give it a shot.

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Re: Selecting a netflix channel loses HDMI signal


Model 4660X Ultra
9.2.0 build 4131-46

I tried something I noticed Netflix fades to black and the other channels have a logo when it launches. The reason I assume it’s faded to black is because it’s going to the last login session and played session (or a coincidence) either way it fades to black. So I tested all the channels I have and each one show a “splash screen” then they almost tell the tv that there is a signal. The fade to black and long load time on a blank screen triggered the tv that there is no signal. Like I said this has never happened when I had this and ever since the update it started doing this.

I also noticed a little trick that I started doing that may help. So if I want to launch Netflix, I just launch Netflix and immediately press the arrow keys but I press it rapidly, bashing the arrow keys. It’s almost like that helps tell the TV there is still a signal.
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Re: Selecting a netflix channel loses HDMI signal

I am seeing this on three rokus in our house: 2 Ultras, 1 premier.
It is quite annoying having to restart the always on version of Roku to use the most popular channels.
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Re: Selecting a netflix channel loses HDMI signal

I just started having the same problem yesterday.

When I select Netflix I get a black screen, and then eventually my receiver will say No Signal. Sometimes I can press Home and the Roku would return to the Main menu. The only thing that fixes it for me is a hard reboot.

Also Ive noticed that Netflix content that used to play Ultra HD 4K now is only playing at HD via the Roku Ultra. Other channels will render Ultra HD 4K resolution fine (youtube, Google Play Movies, Amazon, etc) but Netflix will only stream at 4K. And yes I'm paying for the extra 4K service. 


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Re: Selecting a netflix channel loses HDMI signal


Here is my details for this issue:

Roku Ultra Details:

Model 4660X - Roku Ultra
Software Version 9.2.0 - build 4131-46
Uptime 3 hours 16 minutes
Device ID CK393E981514
MicroSD 14% used (1.1/7.8 GB)

Denon AVR
Firmware 0440-0096-2351-2544
- DTS Version
AVR X6300H

Epson 6040UB 4K/HDR Projector
Firmware 7Y0076648RWWV111
Video2 7YL28RMV1

  1. I start from the Roku Ultra Home screen
  2. Select Netflix Channel App
  3. Black video screen, no Netlfix logo or anything
  4. After about 10 seconds AVR reports no signal
  5. Pressing Home will return to the Roku Home screen (on first try only)
  6. Repeat steps above, if I get the black screen then I have to do a hard reboot to fix
  7. After hard reboot Netflix app will work
  8. Start Netflix App
  9. Select my user profile
  10. Select Stranger Things from Netflix
  11. Immediately see HDR instead of UltraHD option for Stranger Things
    1. All content that was previously UltraHD 4K are now HD 1080p
  12. Press * prior to start of video
  13. Details from Netflix app while playing video
    1. Video: 5.53 Mbps/1080
    2. Audio: English [Original] 5.1 (PRIMARY)

Steps to resolve UltraHD now streaming at 1080p:

  1. Reload Netflix within Netflix app - No Effect
  2. Uninstalled Netflix app and reinstalled - No Effect
  3. Reboot Roku Ultra via Menu - No Effect
  4. Hard reboot of Roku Ultra via pulling power and waiting a minute
  5. Ran Network Test via Netflix App; 4 green checks, Internet connection speed 89.84 Mbps, Network check successful


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Re: Selecting a netflix channel loses HDMI signal

I am having a similar problem but with 2 different apps, Playstation VUE and PBS, while Netflix is working fine in 4K mode on a Roku Premiere+.  This just started 2 days ago. 

Model: 4630X - Roku Premiere+

Software version: 9.2.0 - build 431-29

On the PBS the blank screen happens when starting a show but after the message that says my program will start after the following message.  The screen goes blank and the Sony TV reports no signal on the input.  Once the ad finishes the display returns and there is a message that my show is loading and then the screen goes blank again.  Pressing the back button returns to where I was before starting the show.  The problem seems to be around switching modes on the display.

I have an Amazon Fire TV and this does not happen with it.

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Re: Selecting a netflix channel loses HDMI signal

This is my first time running into an issue like this with the Ultra. I will give it a bit of time before I switch over to something like a Fire TV or NVidia Shield.

This feels like it started with the latest firmware update. I wonder if it is possible to roll back to the previous build. Something was off in this latest version.



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