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Screen goes dark / audio stops while watching.

I have an Insignia RokuTV set up for my MIL.  Recently, it started to randomly stop playing audio and video while she was watching a program (on YoutbeTV service - but may be happening on other channels, too).  It is very frustrating for her trying to get control of the TV to restart where she left off.  I have made sure the firmware is up to date and found a Youtube video describing a "reboot procedure" that involved presses of home, up rewind and fast forward buttons in a certain sequence. It did appear to do  -something- but did not fix the issue.

I decided to try again with a new Roku 3800R Streaming Stick in one of the HDMI slots last night.  Thus far - that device is working as it should.  I did find that the stick would not play YoutubeTV content when powered by the TV's USB port.  Powering it via the included power supply allowed it to function properly.

I would like the Insignia RokuTV to work as designed and wonder if anyone that had this problem has managed to solve it.  I've been with Roku soon after its inception when Standard Def was still popular.  It worked great.  Now, the RokuTV platform is suffering.  I have an Roku Ultra that suffers HDCP errors.. I've swapped HDMI cables and even had a replacement sent to me.  The problems will not cease.  What happened?

Thanks in advance!

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