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Screen goes black every few seconds

Hi there,

We have a Roku 3, plugged via HDMI into a Samsung PN43F4500 plasma TV. Everytime we use the Roku, the screen is black with the Roku content flashing up every few seconds. I have to reset the device to get it to work. 

The 3 is approx. 10yrs old and the TV is approx 6yrs old and has HDCP 1.4.

I have tried both HDMI ports, swapped cables, switched auto display settings to manual, reset both TV and Roku to factory settings and nothing works.

Our previous TV was fine: a slightly newer LCD Samsung (but smaller, hence the bigger & older plasma, which was passed on by a neighbour who moved country).


Therefore, I'm wondering if it is the age of the TV, although HDCP 1.4 should still be compatible? I'm considering getting a Roku Express to see if this will solve the problem (I think it's only the 4K Roku devices that need 2.2 compatibility). Is this throwing good money after bad? Could you please advise?


Thank you.


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