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Level 7

Screen Mirroring Stopped Working

Since I started working at home, I started using the wireless display option on my Surface Pro to use my TV with an attached Roku as a 2nd Monitor. This worked well for several days but today when I tried, I see on the tv that it is initializing, but halfway through, the Surface Pro starts adjusting the resolutions and then the connection seems to break. I've tried repeatedly but every time the same thing. Also tried on both my other Rokus and have the same issue. It is in the process of starting up, but as soon as the screen resolutions start changin it stops the start up process and goes back to the home screen.

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Level 18

Re: Screen Mirroring Stopped Working

Maybe your TV cant handle that resolution.

Somethings crashing. Im not really a Microsoft guy.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 7

Re: Screen Mirroring Stopped Working

I have a express+ and I no longer see an option to mirror in roku's settings.


The last time I used it was January 2020. Did Roku quietly did away with that option on the express+?

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