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SUPER EASY FIX for 'Crackling Audio' ISSUE

Greetings Users and ROKU,

I'm both posting an issue I'm having and the solution to it, which only ROKU can provide with a system upgrade.  I've already contacted them about it but they've done nothing so far.  And it's so easy.


After using the Roku for a number of weeks you discover the audio is either out of sync, crackling, or both.  Do not bother seeking the source of the problem because I already know what it is.  The solution is simple -- unplug the Roku, wait 3 seconds, plug it back in -- fixed.


I own the Ultra, which is top of the line-ish.  I have 1GB of RAM.  If you've ever had a cellphone with 1GB of RAM it will run like garbage in no time at all.  The only fix?  Reboot.  The reboot frees up all the RAM and starts everything all over again.


Roku needs to add a setting.  Possibly automatic.  What does it do?  It makes sure that around 4AM you're not using the unit and it reboots it for you.  Each day?  It's all set.

Please Roku.  Add this feature.  I have to get up and unplug and replug my unit about every two weeks.  Very annoying.

By the way -- other issues people are experiencing might go away with this same fix.  Right?  Because whenever you talk to a tech about your PC or phone -- what's the first thing they tell you to try?


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Re: SUPER EASY FIX for 'Crackling Audio' ISSUE

For whatever it's worth, I've had several different Roku models (never an Uktra) for several years now and never have experienced this problem.

You do know you can restart your Roku via the menus, right? Settings > System > System restart
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Re: SUPER EASY FIX for 'Crackling Audio' ISSUE

Many years ago my first support forum user name was NotTheOnly1.  Both a reference to John Lennon and a reference to people on boards who say "I've never had that problem." 

Trust me when I say 1GB of RAM is guaranteed issues.  On any device.  The proof is the reboot fixes it.

I do thank you for pointing out this setting.  update:  As irony would have it I had to use it last night before starting to watch Amazon Prime. 

I wouldn't accept this as an adequate solution as much as an inconvenient workaround.  So I would like to strongly and publicly request Roku make what I'm suggesting a feature.

In the system settings there should be two options --

1.  Reboot
2. Reboot daily (and the invitation to set a time)

This will not only fix my issue but all RAM related issues.

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Re: SUPER EASY FIX for 'Crackling Audio' ISSUE

I will try it...! Thanx

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