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Level 7

SPDIF/Optical Audio drops out intermittently - TCL 6 Series (55R635)

Newly purchased TCL 55R635:

The SPDIF/optical audio output drops out for about 1 sec every 90 sec or so when playing source content from any of the HDMI inputs. I have not witnessed the same issue when playing content from installed apps, only HDMI sources (Xbox, Chromecast, Nintendo Switch).

This issue starts randomly, usually after the television has been on for >30 mins. Power cycling the television usually fixes the issue for some time, but it tends to come back after some time.

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Level 14

Re: SPDIF/Optical Audio drops out intermittently - TCL 6 Series (55R635)

What is the RokuOS firmware version/build?

Make sure you report this to TCL:

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