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SONY Bravia TV shows Green horizontal lines randomly with ROKU Device

When the TV is turned on it is fine for a few seconds to a minute then it shows Green Horizontal lines across the screen. If I turn it off and turn it on again it works fine for a little longer.

Eventually, the green lines stop showing completely and I’m able to watch stuff of the ROKU. I can’t put my finger on what the problem could be.

I read that it could be the ROKU HDCP but the same ROKU device has been working fine for years now.

I tried checking the power cable and power source.

Switched between the HDMI ports

Video of the issue is below:

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Re: SONY Bravia TV shows Green horizontal lines randomly with ROKU Device

Thanks for the note here. We'd recommend replacing the HDMI cable in use, and carefully ensuring that your cable is firmly inserted into the HDMI port on both the Roku and your TV. If you are using a 4K capable device, you'll need to make sure you are using an HDCP 2.2 certified high-speed HDMI cable.

You might also try cleaning the HDMI ports with canned air to remove any dirt/dust.

These types of issues typically relate to a bad/faulty HDMI cable, dirty HDMI port, or can also relate to a failing HDMI port. 




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Re: SONY Bravia TV shows Green horizontal lines randomly with ROKU Device

Hey Tanner,

Thank you. Appreciate your support in this #stayhome #staysafe times.

I did try another HDMI cable. It did not work.

Will try the air can once amazon resumes delivery at the place that im at.

I guess your assumption on a failing HDMI port might be right however I switched ports and still had an issue.

What's weird is that after around an hour of watching, after I switch off the tv and switch it on it goes for the remainder of the viewing. Also, I have a HTPC(Home theater PC) connected on the other HDMI port and although I switched ports, that signal to the TV never ever has the green lines.

I have an old Roku as well the good ol ones that had a cat5 option and a usb, that too had the same issue.

I guess one of the ribbons inside the TV is loose or something.

Anyway, thank you for your time.






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Re: SONY Bravia TV shows Green horizontal lines randomly with ROKU Device

Did you ever find a resolution to this issue?  I have the same issue with 2 different Roku TVs.  I watched the video you posted and it is exactly the same except on 1 TV mine is much worse.  Any thoughts?


Thanks so much,

Tired of green screens

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Re: SONY Bravia TV shows Green horizontal lines randomly with ROKU Device

I was smiling to myself while reading your reply because it was just yesterday I heard back from the authorized SONY service center, Raja Electronics here in Pune, India. After keeping the TV for a week they let me know that that problem is in the LCD screen and I'd have to replace it, that too at a very steep price, almost the cost of a new smaller size SONY TV.

I remember the good ol days before the LCD, I bought a huge SONY TV (for that time it was big, 32 inch equivalent), the tube ones and used it for some 25 odd years and then got it fixed and donated it to some nuns who use it to this day, some 40 years that TV has worked. Sigh, now the SONY service center guys were just behaving like I'm a dinosaur for using a 15-year-old SONY TV and expecting more life out of it.

Considering SONY costs twice the price in comparison to all other TV's I had hope it would go the extra mile.

Anyway, I'm ranting.

It's not your ROKU. At least I don't think so. These new TV's are built to not give too much life maybe, something like Apple iPhones, they just get slow after a few years, on purpose, due to software updates so that you buy a new iPhone. They've admitted it as well, Apple i.e.

I'd suggest giving it to an authorized service center immediately to salvage the TV if possible. I couldn't because of COVID and kept using it and it's probably partly my fault too in that sense.

In the long run, considering technology keeps changing every 5 years or so I'd suggest, if you have to buy a new TV get a cheap Samsung or something like that, it will last that long, is cheaper and in 5-10 years the technology will change anyway and you could get a newer 8K or whatever at half the price, again.

It's a brave new world we live in, and we've got to change with it. They just don't make em like they used to.

Sorry for the rant.

Hope that helps!

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