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Re: [SOLVED, Sort of...] Roku Streaming Stick: Audio Cuts-Out for 2-3 Seconds, Repeats Every Several Minutes

"jbthorstad" wrote:
Having the exact same problems on my Roku Premiere (Model 4640X). The latest Roku software build is v8.1.0, installed on 7/27; I just checked for an update today (8/17/18) but 8.1.0 is most current. I have restarted the box on a number of occasions, but continue to have this intermittent issue. Roku says my wifi connection is excellent.


I wish you good luck, friend.  For me, the only thing that temporarily resolved the issue is a factory reset and then re-configuring my Roku Streaming Stick with the Wi-Fi settings, Channels, etc.  ...until the next automatic Roku update.  Though not ideal, I could have tolerated doing this a few times a year.

Unfortunately, not long after the issue surfaced, my Roku Enhanced Remote stopped working.  Initially, however, I thought the problem was with my Roku Streaming Stick.  So, I tried to restart it by pushing the button on the device.  But, it got caught in a continual reboot and I was then forced to push-and-hold the button to force a factory reset.  I was then able to determine that the remote was dead and I was now unable to communicate with the device to configure it.

In case you (or, anyone else) find yourself in a similar situation, I wrote about that experience at Help! My Roku Is Trying To Kill Me!

So, after another Roku firmware update, the audio cut-outs returned.  However, since I'm now controlling the Roku Streaming Stick with the iPad App, I can't perform a factory reset to resolve the audio issue, because a factory reset will wipe-out the Wi-Fi settings and the iPad will be unable to communicate with it.  Catch-22.

Unfortunately, this Roku Streaming Stick and Enhanced Remote has been a total dud.  My original Roku N1000 and remote still work fine - just slower and unable to utilize many new channels.  Once this device finally croaks, I'll likely buy a wired model with a plain IR remote.

Again, best of luck.

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Re: [SOLVED, Sort of...] Roku Streaming Stick: Audio Cuts-Out for 2-3 Seconds, Repeats Every Several Minutes

I was experiencing audio drops on my Roku Premier+ in pretty much all apps periodically every few minutes. What fixed it for me was changing from 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 sub sampling in the advanced settings menu. Since changing I no longer have the issues. I hope this helps.
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