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Roku worked. On tv; now tv screen shows error “no signal”

already had Roku hooked up and working. Then I also hooked up dvd/vhs combo to same tv and the combo worked fine too. Shortly after I disconnected the combo for some reason (I think I could’nt d get to menu to change input to roku’s input with my universal remote (no original remote). Now the screen shows error “no signal” no matter what I put In manually. Help pleeeze.
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Re: Roku worked. On tv; now tv screen shows error “no signal”

That usually indicates a cable is not properly connected. First, you need to ensure you know which HDMI input you're using for the Roku. If it's HDMI 1, you have to switch the TV to HDMI 1, or else it will report "no signal" on an empty HDMI input (perhaps the one where you previously had something else connected). Until you are certain you have switched the input to whichever one the Roku is connected, nothing will work. So this is of primary concern and importance.

Next, once you're certain you have the TV connected to the correct input, you'll need to ensure that all that jostling around didn't disconnect the cable ever so slightly. Remove the cable from the HDMI input and re-seat it. You should probably do that for the back of the Roku also, just to be sure.

If that fails, there could have been an issue that developed with the HDMI input on the TV. This could happen if you didn't have the devices powered off when you connected or disconnected the cables. So, after you've powered down, try switching the Roku to a different HDMI input.
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