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Roku will not turn on at all

I purchased a roku express in August and it's been working fine up until recently. It won't turn on at all. There's no light or even any indication that it's even connected to the tv at all. It's plugged into a power strip with the tv so they won't get fried if there's a power outage. Which there hasn't been. And the tv and power strip still work. I tried switching up the ports and switching where things were plugged in. Nothing. All my ports still work. I tried pushing down all the remote buttons for 5 seconds and removed the batteries like some people say. But the remote's light still comes on. I've held down the reset button on thr device. It doesn't respond at all. This has led me to believe the device itself is just dead. My family has had multiple roku's in our lives. The last one I had randomly stopped working earlier this year (it was the roku stick) and I thought it was because my power went out and fried it, which is why I made sure it was plugged into a power strip this time. I just don't understand why this would happen with 2 rokus in a row. I don't do anything with it. It just sits there and I use it. And now it's just dead
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Re: Roku will not turn on at all

I am having this problem as well. 
Last week my Roku stick was fine. 
This week, it won’t connect. I tried the factory reset button. The led light never came on to indicate if it reset or not. 
when I use the roku app, it recognizes that the stick is there, but won’t connect. I have done all of the unplugging and turning off of routers, modems, wifi, and replugging and turning back on. 

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Re: Roku will not turn on at all

Same issue and they sent me this replacement before christmas 😡 this sucks 

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Re: Roku will not turn on at all

It looks like roku express has issues ,mine worked for 2 months and now is dead ,no light nothing......I had many rokus never had problem... unfortunately can't find the I m stuck..

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