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Roku will not boot up

When I turn my ROku on it will go through the cycle of booting up.  The Roku letters appear then the screen goes black.  The system will not come online,  What is causing this?

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Re: Roku will not boot up

@crossb1 Thanks for the note here. A few things you can try to resolve this type of issue: 

- Disconnect the power to your device, then reconnect the power once more. 

- (If applicable, depending on Roku device model) Try using a different micro-USB power cable, and wall power adapter to power your device. 

- Try connecting your device to a different HDMI port on your TV, or use a different HDMI cable to connect the device. 

- Connect your device to a different TV. Does the same behavior occur? 

- Try performing a factory reset of the unit by following the steps listed here:


Keep us posted from there if you need any additional help. 




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