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Roku ultra pink screen

We were watching Netflix and mid show the Roku cut out and went to a solid pink screen.

Unplugged for 10 min, but no luck.

The box is unresponsive, but the fish tank screen saver comes on with a very pink hue.

is there a fix for this?


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Re: Roku ultra pink screen

Settings/System/System restart>> Restart

Is the pink hue there when you switch the source (HDMI)

If its a smart TV restart it.

Otherwise: dont freak out but this can be a sign of a dying TV.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: Roku ultra pink screen

This has nothing to do with aging TVs ad it has been reported by so many people that own new TVs ad well.

its clearly an issue on ROKU side and they should be addressing it.

Seeing ROKU support/development quiet is disappointing, at least.

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Re: Roku ultra pink screen

My ROKU ultra is connected to BENQ projector.

it shows pink hue on startup, I need to unplug and plugin back the USB cable and it’s all good, but I shouldn’t be doing this each time I want to watch something.

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