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Roku tv audio not working after getting mounted

Okay so my mom just got her Roku tv mounted right about now , and the audio is not working , I remember looking up and seeing the guy drilling into the Roku and I asked him why and he said And I quote “so the other mount piece can be set up , don’t worry I won’t break it” but every since he left and it’s been mounted beautifully it has not made a sound at all, do you guys know why that is ??

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Re: Roku tv audio not working after getting mounted

I dont know who this bozo is but I strongly doubt a proper mount kit required

drilling into the TV. Such a move would void the warranty. Otherwise we dont know

if that's related. Read the quick setup guide and or contact the place you bought it.

I would expect an installer to make sure everything is working before leaving.

Its probably just a setting. Dont worry.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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