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Roku streamstick plus - Audio dropouts with disney Plus

Ive been getting audio drop outs for split second with the Disney plus app. Mainly watching the clone wars, I watched 4 episode last night, first episode had no drop outs at all, but as the evening went on they started to become more frequent. 

What's strange, I can rewind the scene where the drop out occurred and it wouldnt be there. The sound would be normal. However, I dont get any drop outs on any other apps, well not that I notice. I dont even get any drop outs on other Disney plus shows. Watch full episode of manderlorian and no drop outs.

I've got a sony ag8 TV, I'm using the built th speakers.


When I did run the audio through a sound bar that I borrowed, I didn't get any audio drop outs. The only issue I had was sometimes during loud music or end credits I would get intermittent drop outs, however these were repeatable.


Just so hard to to tell what's causing this. I have volume leveling switched off. Should I try switching it on? 


Is it the app, roku stick? I've got the rou streamstick +


Like I said I havnt notice audio drop outs using any other apps on the roku stick.

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Re: Roku streamstick plus - Audio dropouts with disney Plus

I just started having trouble with audio dropout on Disney Plus July 18, 2020.  I'm using Roku stick plugged into Sony Bravia TV with Sony Soundbar.

I solved the problem by changing the audio settings in the Roku menu from "auto detect SDCC" to "Stereo PCM"

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Re: Roku streamstick plus - Audio dropouts with disney Plus

I'm having a similar problem with a Roku Premier and Sony Bravia.

Does changing the sound on the TV to Stereo PCM mean you loose the Dolby surround channels?

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