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Roku streaming stick suddenly not powering up / connecting

One night Roku streaming stick was working just fine (Samsung HD TV, HDMI port recognized it, power cord plugged into it and into a surge protector.  Then had to disconnect it all to move.... reconnected it the exact same way, and it's not registering at all, nor is it powering on with the power cord (plugged into surge protector and tried also just plugging into wall).  Also switched the cable input device to the same HDMI port and it worked fine; so it can't be the HDMI port.  Something's up with the device.... I tried holding the reset button with and without the power cord connected, and nothing.  I also tried replacing batteries in the remote to see if that could get it going, and nothing.  I get if it's outdated (it's the purple stick from about 5 years ago) and needs to be replaced.... but how can it be working fine literally one moment and not the next??  Any suggestions / help would be most appreciated.  Thank you

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