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Roku streaming stick+ (3810R) purchased on 03-may-2020 Overheating all the time

I purchased Roku streaming stick+ on 05/03/2020 model no- 3810R and I have plugged it in my UpSptar monitor into VGA port via VGA male to HDMI female cable. The First 3 days were fine but today onwards after every 15 mins of watching, it pops up an error message on the monitor as "Roku device is overheating" whereas the device doesn't show any red light and has always been showing white light. I went to "Platform Secret Screen" via (5 times home + Forward+Pause/Play+Back+Pause/Play+Forward) and temp shows 88 C  to start with and within 10 mints it will reach 106 C.  I made sure that I have kept streaming stick away from Monitor, Power Board, and Wifi router and obviously not inside any cabinet or box, and every time I power up, I have been seeing the same message after 10-15 mints. What can I do to resolve this issue? 

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Re: Roku streaming stick+ (3810R) purchased on 03-may-2020 Overheating all the time

Did some more research on this,  is it possible that my Roku stick had to generate a lot of power to keep up with VGA output?  My monitor also has DVI-I port, do you think if I use HDMI Input to DVI-I output, will it ease up load on Roku Stick as then, the signal will remain from digital-to-digital ( from HDMI to DVI)? Any thoughts? 

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