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Level 7

Roku stopped working

My roku express suddenly stopped working after working fine since purchase. I added a guest site yesterday and wonder if that affected my main tv. 

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Level 7

Roku stopped working - Get Boot Screen but then nothing

My Roku 4K device started pixelating yesterday and then rebooted automatically. I was able to get back into my show two more times, but each time it lasted for only a minute and then went black and rebooted.

After the third reboot, it is now stuck on the ROKU boot screen, i.e., the "moving ROKU letters" that appear, well, after a reboot. It has audio too--the Roku "theme" can be heard.

But that is it.

I have tried unplugging the device for mintues, then hours. Nothing changes. It stays stuck on the ROKU logo indefinately. I thought maybe it was the ethernet connection, but that was fine. Then I changed remote battteries--never know. Nope. Nothing changed.

Any ideas where to look?

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