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Roku stick 3800x won't go past bouncing logo

I recently moved and, of course, lightning took out the WAN port on my router at the new place so I'm now using a new router.  Anyway, I hadn't even hooked up the Roku stick but now that I have it won't go past the bouncing logo.  I tried replacing the batteries in the remote and I can get the pairing light to blink but still nothing.  I can't use Remoku because I can't get the Roku connected to the new router. Smiley Sad  I've tried the reset button but still no go.  Any ideas on what I can do to get my stick working again?  I really don't want to buy a new streaming device right after shelling out for a new router and a surge protector with RJ45 connections so any help is appreciated.                  Thanks!
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Re: Roku stick 3800x won't go past bouncing logo

So it just sits at the bouncing logo forever, or does it eventually go to a blank screen, or?

What power source are you using?  Can you try an alternate?
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