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Roku "Live" Channel: Commercials Will Blast You Out of Your Seat

Roku's own "live" channels need some serious quality control on the volume level for commercials. It sometimes makes them literally unwatchable.

As an example, I was watching Game Show Central today (Baggage with Jerry Springer, this is a no judgement zone). TV volume level about 7 on the TV. Voices clear but reasonable. It cuts to a commercial that is at least 3 times louder. Super loud. DAA DAA DUUUUHHHH! the TV blares. We worry our kids will wake up and are scrambling for remotes. We ditch the channel and go watch cable.

Given that Roku controls this channel, I would hope that they could impose audio controls on anybody doing commercials on it. There is no reason it should be allowed that a commercial is pushing their audio to max out the volume rather than equalize to something halfway reasonable. Roku indicates that one solution is to use Volume Leveling, but our Roku device doesn't support it. 

Is anyone at Roku currently working on this problem?  Is this a known issue?