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Level 7

Roku premiere v & iOS app “play on Roku”

Roku version introduces a feature that after 30-45 seconds of viewing video from a from iOS devic using the “play on Roku “ becomes unstable . Any video uploaded using “play on Roku” starts to get unstable after 30-45 secs.

Using Roku with version 8 doesn’t have that feature .

Seriously please fix software so it works.
This fact this issue annoyed me so much that I opened an account to complain.
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Level 13

Re: Roku premiere v & iOS app “play on Roku”

Perhaps the developer of the app need to fix it to work with Roku's latest update, and not the other way around. I'd also report this to them if I were you.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Level 19

Re: Roku premiere v & iOS app “play on Roku”

Thanks for reaching out. A few more questions here to help understand what you're experiencing: 

- What specific type of video file are you trying to play from your mobile device? What is the file format?
- Was this video file originally recorded by your mobile device? 
- What specific model of Roku device are you using?
- What is the specific model of your iOS device? 
- What is the version of the Roku mobile app that you have installed? 

You can see more information about how the Play on Roku feature works here:

With more information, we can try to take a closer look to see what may be occurring. 

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