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Roku premiere overheating even after adding extender and pointing a fan at it

I bought a Roku Premiere in 2019 and, a few months ago, it started overheating.  It will run for 10-20 minutes and then starts displaying the overheat message.  It was connected by an HDMI cable away from the TV so I don't think it was the heat from the TV.   I went ahead and ordered the extender just to make sure that didn't have some "magic abilities".  It still overheats tho.  We even had a fan pointed at it but it still overheats after using it for a few minutes.  The unit itself seems totally enclosed.   Was there supposed to be some sort of vents on it to keep the internal temperature down?  Just wondering if I got a defective one?   How prevalent is the overheating?   I assume it isn't safe to run it when it is constantly overheating?   

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