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Roku premier 3920x no signal on TVs

I got my roku premier 3920X for Christmas and was working beautifully until a few days ago. I got it brand new too.
I have Change the HDMI cable, I have checked to see if the HDMI cable and power cable where placed in correctly. I have tried resetting it and everything and my tv still says no signal. I even tried the roku device on my other TVs and other people TVs and it still won’t work. #roku3920x 

At this point I feel like switching to fire stick. #what do I do

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Re: Roku premier 3920x no signal on TVs


If you have changed your HDMI cables, tested on other TVs and still getting no signal, then most likely device issue failure.

Only other 2 suggestions I have is to make sure you are plugging the Roku device into a power adapter into the wall, not TV directly (if you haven't already) and try the final resort of a Factory Reset. (Using a paperclip, press and hold the Reset Button for 30+sec)

An underpowered device can lead to damage and premature failure.  Other times, just luck of the draw and a bad device.   Haven't seen many resolutions for this issue if both the power adapter use and factory reset fails to resolve it.  (Of course, sometimes a bad power adapter can also contribute to issue, so any 5V, 1 amp power adapter can be used in its place).

Since you got your Roku Premiere for Christmas, you should still easily be covered by the 1-year warranty for device replacement offered by Roku.

Hope that helps.

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Just another Roku user... I am not a Roku employee.

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