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Roku only sends stereo sound, makes dotted sound on all other options

I have a movie theater setup that's several years old. It includes an Epson projector that only has an RCA video input, and a Panasonic DVD / Surround Sound System that only has RCA audio inputs. I originally had a first-generation Roku on it that worked fine.

I recently upgraded to a Roku Ultra 2020, mainly so that I could use Hulu and HBO Max in the theater. But it only has an HDMI output, so I bought a Dingsun HDMI-to-RCA converter from Amazon.

The problem I'm having is very low sound! The video is just fine, but the audio only comes through in stereo. I have it wide open, and can only barely make out the voices! We tried to watch WW84 and gave up after about an hour. But if I put in a DVD (bypassing the Roku) then everything sounds great.

I went through the Roku settings and found the Audio section to switch between Stereo, Dolby Digital, Dolby DTS, and a few other options that I don't remember. I found that if I changed it to anything other than Auto or Stereo then I had a constant dot-dot-dot sound from all of the speakers.

There are several variables at play here, so I'm hoping that someone can suggest what needs to be replaced:

1. The Roku itself (unlikely)

2. The HDMI cable from the Roku to the converter (also unlikely, since the video signal from the converter is OK)

3. The audio RCA cables from the converter to the stereo (also unlikely, since they're the same cables I had on the old Roku)

Or do I need to just give up and invest in a new projector with HDMI inputs, and then buy a new stereo system that has an HDMI input and HDMI output? I reeeeally don't want to do that, as it's easily $1,000 for a toy that I use maybe 20 times /year! But with the audio being inaudible the system now is more or less useless.


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Re: Roku only sends stereo sound, makes dotted sound on all other options

There is a fourth option for troubleshooting/replacement (that should be first on your list) - your HDMI-RCA adapter.

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