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Level 7

Roku media player on the Ultra 2020

Are there any plans to update the RMP to support the use of .cue files with single file FLAC / Wav files, or allow it to play audio files gaplessly?

Listening to live albums or albums like Abbey Road or Dark Side of the Moon are particularly jarring to have them cut off in between tracks.

Also please support .mkv chapters. 

I use an external HDD with USB, I don't want to run a PC 24/7 as a server.

Please update the app, this is pretty common stuff.


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Level 7

Re: Roku media player on the Ultra 2020

The Roku Media Player is so out of date it is ridiculous.  The codex is extremely limited and the formats it will play are also extremely limited.  When I try to play something from a USB on the roku ultra and it won't play, I plug the USB into the USB port on my smart TV and it plays fine.  It is very irritating to keep having to do this.  It shouldn't be that hard for Roku to update the app.  It makes me wonder about continuing to use Roku.

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