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Roku low power message

Hi i have the roku premiere and it plays a show for abouot 30 minutes then my tv says low power message. I am using the supplied power cables and i am plugging it in directly to the wall. if i plug it  in to a extension cord and plug the extension cord into a different room it works fine. but i do not want to have to do that. before i was powering my tv and cable box off the same outlet no problem. but now with the roku i get low power message. it started doing this after 1 week of use. I also tested the wall outlet with a multimeter and my outles is 120v. im not sure what the problem is or if my roku is just defective...?

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Re: Roku low power message

That's one of the more bizarre things I've ever heard.  Do you have a surge protector you can try?  What happens if you use the same extension cord but plug it into the close-by outlet?  Maybe it's a magic extension cord.  :-D

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