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Roku keeps zooming in on picture

Why does my Roku keep zooming in on my picture. It will not back out until I reset the Roku. It only happens to the one out of 3 Roku in the house

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Re: Roku keeps zooming in on picture

Hi, there.  I'm having the same issue with the zoomed in picture.  Seems like we aren't alone.  I got my Roku Express+ in May 2020.  So far, this issue only happens when watching Hulu series shows during or after an ad plays.  To fix the issue, I have to pause, exit, and completely restart the Roku.  There have been times that I've had to restart shows 4 to 5 times.  I'm sure that Roku can check my usage stats to see just how many times I've had to restart the device. They should be appalled when they see those stats.  ROKU Team, please fix these issues.  They are unacceptable.  

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