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Roku keeps overriding every input!?

Ok I’m having a frustrating time.  I’ve had roku sticks in the past and they have worked flawlessly until now.  I had my roku stick+ hooked to an older tv and receiver with zero issues.  I just upgraded my whole system so new pioneer AVR and new LG Oled.  So I had the Roku stick and plugged into the AVR with all my other devices and then all that outputting into my tv.  I would put it on whatever input on my AVR and while watching tv or playing games or looking at settings it would keep kicking me to the roku stick Input.  It completely took over my receiver I thought.  So I unplugged it and plugged directly into my TV and that was even worse.  I literally couldn’t change to anything else as any button press would revert to the Hdmi input with the roku stick.      

Ive already gone into the roku and turned off the 1 touch setting and that did nothing.  Literally the only thing that would stop this was turning off the Simplink CEC on my tv and I can’t have that off.  

Again I’ve never experienced this until I got this new gear.  Is there something else I need to do or can do other than unplug it and say goodbye?  

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Level 7

Re: Roku keeps overriding every input!?

I'm having the same problem with my Roku Ultra, Marantz AVR and LG OLED. Has there been any solution?

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