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Roku freezes at startup

I have used my Roku LT for a number of years and it has worked well.  I tried to power it on today and it now freezes at the screen with the word ROKU and it's reflection.  All the suggestions I have found say to unplug the power, unplug the HDMI cable, hit the reset button or enter a combination of keys on the remote to reset it.  The LT I have does not have a reset button (not even the little pinhole).  I have tried the other choices without success.  One suggestion was to get rid of the screensaver screen but I can't get far enough in the boot up process to do this.  Any other ideas?  Thanks,

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Re: Roku freezes at startup

The Roku LT is a second generation player, and is no longer supported by Roku. Sadly, it has probably finally failed and you'll have to replace it. 

There's actually three different versions of the LT, the 2400 (released in Nov 2011), the 2450 (April 2012) and the 2700 (Sept 2013). The 2700 is actually a third generation device that is still considered as a supported platform. However, even that model is quite old compared to the current (8th) generation. I would be surprised if it doesn't have a reset button hidden somewhere, but I've never seen one of those players myself, so I won't say never. 

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Re: Roku freezes at startup

happened to me....then i changed the batteries in remote and all is well again...


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