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Level 7

Roku express blinking fly races screen

Here we go again. Now it's the Roku express screwing up.
Rather than giving me the home screen it gives me multiple, flashing "fly races" screens (screens of grey and black specs, no icons).
Both Roku express units I have are now doing this. Two  different tv's, so lets not blame the tv again, ok?
Are these new Roku's just cr*p or am I the un-luckiest person in the world to get 5 bad ones in a row? (two from Amazon, three from Walmart).
Every single express and express plus I have purchased are all malfunctioning on multiple tv's.
Maybe I can get an actual Roku mod to offer some advice this time.
Or, I'll be buying more Fire sticks.
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Level 7

Re: Roku express blinking fly races screen

Just checked my Express (3900X).  Working fine on Home screen and several channels that I checked.  No signs of problems you describe. Running 8.1,0 build 4145-51, up for 5 days eleven hours. Checked for new update, none available.
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Level 11

Re: Roku express blinking fly races screen

I wouldn't have given it 2 chances.

Buy a stick+ or a FireTV if you don't need Youtube.
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