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Roku doesn't power on with remote

I've had a roku express device for a few years now and love it however we did some time back run across an issue that, while slightly annoying, has only now become an issue. After the device has been off for some time we can not turn it back on with the remote, instead it requires unplugging and then re-plugging it back into the power outlet before it then auto-restarts.
The issue we have now is it is requiring us to update our Sling App which requires an auto restart, it runs through the update process then turns off and doesn't turn back on. Unplugging and replugging it however seems to interrupt the update as returning to the app once more shows it hasn't updated. I have a current ticket open to sling itself for the matter but would also like to resolve this simply for the remote to work to get the device started properly once again. Any idea if there's a fix for this?

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Re: Roku doesn't power on with remote

Rokus don't turn off; they are always on.  When the screensaver activates the light on the front goes off, but it's still on.  Pressing any button on the remote should dismiss the screensaver.  Try the simplest thing first - replace the batteries in the remote.  You can also set the screensaver to never activate - it's somewhere under Settings->Themes.

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Re: Roku doesn't power on with remote

Okay, the light is always on and the remote works when we repower the roku box so I can't imagine it's the controllers batteries lest they shouldn't work at all but I'll give it a shot. The removal of the screensaver does seem to be working for the time being, just odd it won't come out of that otherwise.

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Re: Roku doesn't power on with remote

I dont know which screensaver youre using but Im sure some are not maintained well.

If its one you paid for I'd simply remove it permanently.

Its the same with Computer software ya cant download everything. This is a security risk

and can cause problems.

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