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Roku display type issue 1080 / 720

I bought a new TV and my Roku isn't displaying properly (snow/static and flashing). Everything else displays fine (DVD, etc). I have to go into Display Settings on the Roku each time I turn the TV in. If it's on 1080, I have to change it to 720. If it's on 720, I have to change it to 1080. This did not occur on my old Television. Please help. I don't want to have to change the settings every time I turn on the TV. Thank you
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Re: Roku display type issue 1080 / 720

Thanks for the note. Sorry to hear about the issue you're running into! 

- Which model of Roku device are you using? (Settings>System>About) 

- Have you tried replacing the HDMI cable you're using to see if this helps clear up the issue? 

- What is the make/model of your new TV that you're experiencing this issue on? 


With more info, we can continue assisting you from there! 





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Level 8

Re: Roku display type issue 1080 / 720

My Roku Premier's green LED is flashing. No message shows on the screen. When trying to watch tv, the screen picture and sound are ok for a while then they both go off which then keeps repeating each 10 to 15 seconds and eventually increasing to about 5 to 8 seconds. I get a black screen with only the time and tv resolution setting shows at top of screen. Cables were checked, power supply is working unit does not seem overly warm. Is there a way Roku can reset or troubleshoot the unit as my tv and internet carrier do with their equipment from their end? I have had the unit for about a year during which time it worked very well.

Level 8

Re: Roku display type issue 1080 / 720

The tv I am referring to ( a Samsung 52" plasma tv bought in 2011) Other aspects of tv are working  fine until recently when Roku is running. The cables are new and as noted tight. You did not answer my question about the green blinking LED in the unit a ROku Premier. Had about a year or so and it worked fine  (same TV) You also did not mention why no code of sorts shows up while tv is operating for me to mention nor any method of resetting or troubleshooting the unit. Can you help with that? What other info do you need?

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