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Roku changes CC settings on its own...


My roku device changes the CC setting from "only on replay" to CC "off"...

I've gone into the Roku settings changed the CC setting to "only on replay" then open a channel watch an episode or movie hit the ten second replay button and the captions will appear. After that if I hit the replay button there will be no captions. I go back to roku settings and it is in captions off mode... I've had my Roku device for a little over a year, and it always gave me captions on replay now it won't. This started a month or so ago...

Did an update cause this? How can I fix it??? I've restarted the device, and took it back to factory settings. I've ensured that the device and the channels were both set to caption on replay, but as soon as I hit replay they all change to off... Any help would be greatly appreciated? 

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Re: Roku changes CC settings on its own...

Mine is doing this too, starting yesterday.

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