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Roku apps on TCL TV no sound with AV receiver


  I am new to Roku.  I bought a TCL tv and hooked up my home theater.  Everything runs through my Onkyo receiver and I have HDMI going to HDMI 1 (ARC).   I tried watching some amazon prime video through the app on Roku (built into TV) and the receiver is still giving me the sound from my DIrectv.    How do I get the sound to go to my receiver? 
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Re: Roku apps on TCL TV no sound with AV receiver

Make sure the HDMI cable is attached to the ARC port on the TV as well as the AVR. I think you are saying it is, but make sure. I can't speak to Denon, but it's possible that ARC isn't enabled in your AVR. Also, some AVRs have two HDMI out ports, and only one is ARC enabled. Again, I don't know what you have but just some things to check. I don't use ARC on my two Roku TVs, so can't say for sure where any settings might be in there for enabling ARC. 
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Re: Roku apps on TCL TV no sound with AV receiver

Settings/System/Control other Devices on the Roku TV
Maybe sure ARC and SAC are enabled.
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Re: Roku apps on TCL TV no sound with AV receiver

Try this. I had the same problem and these steps fixed it.

Enabling ARC (Audio Return via HDMI)
Your TV MUST support ARC! If ARC is not listed in the TV Manual/Documentation, consult your TV manufacture for assistance.
Setup Note: The Yamaha remote will be needed to access the On Screen display, as well as a HDMI TV/Monitor connected to the HDMI output on the Yamaha receiver.
1. Press the On Screen Button to enter the on screen menu.
2. Use the Arrow Up/Down arrow buttons to navigate to Setup and press enter.
3. The Setup Menu will come up.
4. Us the Arrow Left/Right buttons to navigate to HDMI and press enter.
5. HDMI Configuration will come up and HDMI control should be highlighted.
6. Press the Enter button and HDMI control should come up.
7. Press the Enter button and highlight ON and press enter. (Even if it is already on.)
8. The HDMI Control window will come up with and the following options should be set as noted below. (If not you can use the arrow keys to make changes.)
·      TV Audio Input              AV4(Default)
·      ARC                                       On
·      Standby Sync      Auto
9. Press the On Screen button to exit the Setup Menu.
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Re: Roku apps on TCL TV no sound with AV receiver

I have a TCL Roku TV connected via HDMI to an Onkyo 5.1 receiver and one morning the sound, for no reason at all, was not working through my receiver. Here is what I did to fix my issue:

I simply went to the Roku TV's system settings > Power > System Restart and my TV rebooted and the sound was working again. 

I hope this helps anyone with the same issue. 
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