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Roku and TV powering

I'm new to Roku.  I just purchased and set up a Roku Premiere+ with a Philips TV.  Everything works fine.  I have one annoyance that I'm trying to resolve.  Is it possible to power the TV without Roku starting up each time I turn on the TV?  Some information on my configuration.  My TV has 4 HDMI ports.  Three ports are used for Cable, DVD player and BluRay player.  The 4th HDMI port is connected to an HDMI switch.  Connected to the HDMI switch is an Android TV box and the Roku Premiere+.  The Roku Premiere+ was setup with a direct connection to HDMI port 4.  I've noticed that the Roku Premiere+ gets hot and I would like to power it down when it is not being used.  As a side note since some of you may wonder why all the connections, the goal is to eventually cut the cord with cable except for the internet.
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