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Roku Video Player doesn't load any videos

I used to be able to watch anything I want but now all videos from any chanel that requires the Roku Video Player and its playback plugin doesn't load.

No problem with Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Att tv, Prime Video YouTube and such applications that have their own players built in, they all work fine, but other channels such as Roku Chanel and even Tips and Tricks support videos can't load. The screen goes black and it just goes back to the same screen where it was played from, the page where it used to say LOADING with the status bar on it doesn't appear anymore.

I hope there is a fix for this otherwise gonna have to reset back to factory default to see maybe that would fix the problem. 

This happens on my Roku Ultra and on every single video from those channels, and yes I have rebooted my Roku Ultra and my Modem,  router and everything in between and still CAN'T GET IT TO WORK

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