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Roku Ultra x265 5.1 Audio Static After Upgrade to OS 9.4

One of my Ultra 4640X's updated to OS 9.4.  Now, x265 files with 5.1 audio result in noisy audio static when a file is played.  Video is fine.  The static doesn't go away until another, non-x265 (i.e., x264 or Amazon Prime), file is played or the unit restarted (yes, the static noise continues to play on menu screens once it starts in the x265 file playback).  Other 5.1 sources play okay.  Reading this forum an old trick to switch the unit to Stereo allows the x265 file to be played, in stereo, but then I'm missing out on 5.1 audio.

My other Ultra 4640X is still on OS 9.3 and still plays x265 files and 5.1 audio without problem.  I tested by switching out the two Ultras so the only variable changing is the 9.4 vs 9.3 unit.

Any way to fix this?  I'm fearful my Ultra running OS 9.3 will 'upgrade' to 9.4 and then I'm just out of luck.

BTW, the Roku is hooked up via HDMI to an Onkyo receiver so the Roku passes signal thru the Onkyo to my Panasonic plasma monitor.


EDIT - Downgrading the OS back to 9.3 fixes the issue, but that is clearly only as good for as long as the unit takes to auto-update to 9.4 again.  This is clearly an OS 9.4 issue.