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Roku Ultra would return to Home Screen when pressing arrow or back buttons in apps

Model: 4670RW- Roku Ultra

Software Version: 9.4.0 * Build 4176-46

Network: Wifi 5Ghz


Remote: Enhanced Voice Remote

Model: RC412

Firmware Version:


Channel info:

YouTube (version 1.0 * build 91000130)

PlutoTV (version 5.7 * build 7)

Netflix (version 5.1 * build 98096402)

The Roku Channel (version 2.9 * build 42)


My issue: When watching YouTube I noticed that when I pushed a button (an arrow button, OK, left arrow), it would sometimes make the sound and go to the Home Page. As if I pushed the Home button.

this happened when:

* I try to skip an ad on youtube (presssed OK)

* push an arrow button to show the player controls

* pushing the back button

* using the arrow keys to scroll through the list of videos

This issue might take minutes or hours for it to appear. When I was having this issue I opened other channels (PlutoTV, Netflix, The Roku Channel) and was able to reproduce the issue while either watching videos or going through the list of what videos are available. 

I also noticed that I don't seem to encounter this issue when using the Roku Mobile app as a remote or if I use headphone with the Enhanced Voice Remote.

Any help is appreciated.



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Level 8

Re: Roku Ultra would return to Home Screen when pressing arrow or back buttons in apps

Still happening on my Roku. It also happens in the main screen and in the roku settings.


Software Version: 9.4.0 Build 4183-46