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Roku Ultra stuck on bouncing logo

Ok, I bought a refurbished Roku Ultra on eBay (possibly the root of my woes).
I followed the quick start instructions to the letter and it seems that I cannot get past the bouncing logo and the remote doesn't want to pair.
What I've done to solve the issue:

  1. power-cycled is several times

  2. power-cycled while holding the reset button

  3. held the reset button while powered on for 10, 20, 30, 60+ seconds

  4. called Roku support and went though much of the above several times without any progress... and the guy was obviously reading a script and kept forgetting where we were. Big waste of time

  5. connected to a different tv and power source

  6. connected directly to router ethernet

  7. Downloaded Roku app from Google Play store and it cannot find the Roku device (most likely because I've not been able to get the Roku on my WiFi network)
I think this covers what I've tried pretty well. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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Re: Roku Ultra stuck on bouncing logo

It sounds like a defective unit; you should try to return it. It won't show up on the network until it gets past the bouncing logo. Check to see if there's a microSD card installed (probably not, but since it's "refurbished" the last user may have left one in it). If there is, remove it.

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Level 7

Re: Roku Ultra stuck on bouncing logo

Thanks, yeah when I read about the micro SD card being a possible issue I was excited that it might be so simple. No luck. I'm returning it.
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