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Roku Ultra no longer recognizes my USB Hub

A few months ago I purchased a Tendak USB Hub from Amazon.  The Hub comes with 4 individual ports and uses external power.  Each port has an on/off switch which must be powered on in order to connect.  This device allowed me to connect multiple hard drives to my Roku without placing power demands on the device.  About six weeks ago during a severe thunderstorm, we experienced a pretty severe lightning strike.  While we weren't hit directly it was close enough to smell charred electrical components nearby.  Thankfully all my electronic devices were on UPS and surge protectors.  All except the Tendak which stopped communicating with the Roku. Figuring the device was damaged by a power surge I ordered a replacement from Amazon (two in fact).  The Roku player fails to recognize any drive connected to the new hub(s).  I have a second Roku Ultra in my basement.  Same setup, no problems.  I am able to connect individual drives directly to the unit but only with certain USB cables.  These cables are A-male to micro-B cables.  Is there a certain type of cable required?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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