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Roku Ultra: lose audio when streaming movies/shows

I have a Roku Ultra connected to a Vizio TV over HDMI, and that TV drives audio through an optical cable to a Bohm sound bar. Audio play fine as I navigate, open the Netflix app, and even during the short previews of each movie/show. But as soon as I select something to view, I lose audio from the sound bar (video continues to display on the TV). If I exit the selected show and navigate to a different movie/show, the audio returns for the preview of that item.

I verified that the remote is paired, so it's not using IR (I visually verified that). 

I used this same Ultra connected to a different TV (Sony) and sound bar (Vizio), also over an optical connection, and it works fine.

I tried our other streaming services. I see the same audio issues when playing a movie/show for Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video. I don't see the issue with YouTubeTV or Hulu.


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Level 7

Re: Roku Ultra: lose audio when streaming movies/shows

Help! Same issue.

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