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Roku Ultra keeps returning to home screen when loading movies and VOD

I have a new Roku Ultra and a monthly subscription to KorTV.  While all regular and premium streaming channels available in KorTV play just fine, I am unable to load any movies or video-on-demand (VOD) channels of KorTV.  When I click on either of these, the "retrieving" bar comes up at the bottom and goes forward about 20% of the way, but then Roku suddenly quits and returns to the KorTV main screen.

My account is set up from the U.S. and I am using Roku Ultra from the same location.

I have rebooted, done software update, and uninstalled/reinstalled KorTV multiple times, without any luck.

When pressing the Home button 5 times and the Back button 5 times right after a failed attempt to watch the movie called "A Whacky Switch" (the first movie listed as of today in KorTV's "movies" section), I got issue ID 34-305-262.

Specifications: Roku Ultra 4670X, software version 9.3.0, build 4170-46, device ID KW9051274934

Any pointer to resolve this?  As such, I have a monthly subscription for over a month but am not able to watch any movies or VOD, which is frustrating.

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Re: Roku Ultra keeps returning to home screen when loading movies and VOD

You need to contact KorTV.

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