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Roku Ultra extremely weak and broken audio.

2nd day with my new Roku Ultra and it has extremely weak and broken audio.  So weak in fact I had to raise the volume of my Onkyo Receiver to MAX just to barely hear it.   Trouble shooting so far.

Also ROKU Ultra worked fine the 1st day no issues at all. 

1.  Swapped out the HDMI Cable-  No difference

Not the cable

2.  Swapped HDMI inputs on the receiver-  No difference

Not the STRM BOX input on receiver

3.  Swapped FIOS HDMI output to ROKU HDMI input on Onkyo (STRM BOX) -  Audio from FIOS works

Not the Onkyo Receiver 

4.   Using Headphone jack on remote audio works great

5.   Put the Roku Ultra on the TV upstairs  ROKU HDMI out directly to TV HDMI 1  Works Fine



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