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Roku Ultra does not connect to any channels

This is my first experience with a Roku player.  I just purchased a new Roku Ultra.  It is hard wired directly to the router.  I get the initial Roku screen and the menu to all the different channels, but when I try to access any channel, all I get is a spinning wheel.  After a few minutes the Roku goes back to the main menu.  I am using the HDMI cable that came with the player. 

I am replacing an old Apple TV streaming player that worked perfect, but it is an older version and I wanted the newer technology that Roku offers and some of the channels that Roku offers.  I think the Roku player itself is bad out of the box.    

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Level 7

Re: Roku Ultra does not connect to any channels

I neglected to mention, I am connected to my ARC HDMI in port on my television.

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